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WEBz has revolutionised web solution for individuals or businesses. WEBz is super fast, fully optimised to meet the present web standards and fully scalable as you grow. WEBz is a package of best web solutions available in the market and simplifies to make it a smooth solution.

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Web Billionz revolutionised the web by providing the best price for the best website. Nobody can beat this price as you are the one who will decide what you are going to pay for the best website for your business. Also, you do not have to decide the price until we show you the finished product.

Speed Optimisation
Websites should load fast. There is no excuse. WEBz is fully optimised to load fast. Website visitors and search engines will love your website.
Search Engine Optimization
WEBz focuses on on-page search engine optimisation. So, it will be ready for the search engines from days one.
Content Optimisation
WEBz makes sure that content of your website is fully optimised. So, the user will always find the website user-friendly.
Security Reliability
WEBz makes sure that all the possible security measures are taken to protect your website from possible attacks. We will educate you the best practice to keep your website secure.
Mobile Optimization
WEBz is a fully responsive. Your website can be viewed from desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones.
WEBz is the strong foundation that you can add varies functionality based on your requirements.

No commitments until we finish building your website

Tell us what you want to achieve, so we will analyse it and show you how you can achieve it and how our web solutions will help you.

WEBz For Charity

We see the true impact of giving and helping living beings to have their basic needs. We value your effort to make this world a better place for everyone.  We want to do our part helping you to multiply your results through the best web solution. WEBz for charity is free service for eligible charity organisations.

WEBz For Needed

Everyone going through some hard times in our lifetime. Some experience it longer and some overcome them in short time period. If you think that website can help you to overcome your problems, Web Billionz is ready to help you.

WEBz For Talent

Everyone is gifted with a talent. It can be music, arts, dancing, crafting, or anything that can make other people happy. If you have any special talent and if you believe that website can take you to the next level, Web Billionz is happy to help you.