About Us

Web Billionz Web Helps Billions of Mankind

Web Billionz revolutionised the web industry. We believe that great websites can do a positive impact on this world. Well, an optimised website can help you to reduce the carbon footprint. You will be able to reach places that you never thought it is possible. People around the world can approach you. They can learn and appreciate your ideas, vision. Also, you can tell them  about your products or services. When you have a billion dollar website possibilities are endless.

Secret of the best website

You may want to build a website to sell your products or services. That is one of the most popular function that most of you want. You will need to add e-commerce functionalities to do so. You may want to build a classifieds website or a web directory. Maybe you want an awesome blog or a portfolio website. You need to add different functionality to a website based on what you want to achieve. But, always we forget about the base. Without a great foundation, you cannot build a skyscraper that will last long. It is same when it comes to a website.

We introduce WEBz, our first product that is optimised to the current web standards. It is scalable. You can develop it and add more functionalities. WEBz is a combination of all the great web components and optimisations. It suits anyone who wants to build their online empire. WEBz is the best Kickstarter web solution.

Price that no one can beat

Our products and services are priceless for us. We put our love and compassion into all our products. We work harder to deliver the best solutions for you. How many times do you end up not getting what you really want because of the price tag? How many times did you not click the big red button that offers things for free?

Web Billionz introduce revolutionised pricing to the web industry. We will provide our best products for the price you want to pay. We do not want to fight for the price and waste more time. If you want to take the first step to building the website you want. We will do it for you for the price you think it is worth.