Building a great website is building your dream team that can take you to the next level. A website can be a good friend. It can be a good sales person. It can be a marketing guru. It can be a manager, administrator or a receptionist. Properly build website can be everyone at same time unconditionally.

Just like any other relationship you need to start it, build it and flourish it. What is stopping you start an awesome relationship with an awesome website? Our responsibility is to clear all the obstacles and help you to have the best website.

Simplified Web Solution
Complexity is the enemy of success. It will loose your focus. Your mind will make all the reasons not to proceed with your plans. Web Billionz provides the simplest web solution for you. Especially if the wheel is already invented why try reinvent it.
Fully Transparent System
Before you make any decision we will show you exactly what you will be getting and your requirements and how we going to do it. You can download the exact steps and you can do it by yourself. We have mastered this process and you can always request our service if you think that your time is more valuable.
Greener Solutions
We are 100% virtual. We have less carbon footprint. We can be anywhere you want us to be. We improve our processes every day to save more time and money. We push ourselves to get better and better.  We will give all the benefits to you and to the environment.


WEBz is simple web foundation that you can extend to any other functionality. We focus on meeting current web standards and adding latest technology. Also, building a simple solution that anyone can benefit. That was our challenge and WEBz  is the solution.

  • All the optimisations added to one solution
  • Simplified solution that anyone can use
  • Price that no one can beat
  • Grow with you
  • Result oriented

The Best Website That Nobody Can Beat

We are providing the best web solution that you do not have to pay single dollar more that what it is value to you.